About Tina

I have lived in New Hampshire for 49 years, and reside in Sanbornton, NH. I refer to myself as an Oracle Messenger, because on any given day spirit utilizes me as a psychic with medium tendencies. I call it spirit flavor for the day!

I feel that my gifts have been passed down thru, generational woman before me having taught me about spirituality and healing. At an early age my abilities began to show. As I grew older my abilities also grew, and thus became like breathing, thru divination. I knew I could help people with the gifts and over many years have worked to fine tune them. I feel that spiritual consciousness is a guiding tool that should be shared by all. Spiritual consciousness is more prevalent today in society to remind people who they really are, a part of the universe and that they are not insignificant and alone. But an intrical part of why we are all here. Let me help you to bring this energy into the light where as it should be.

I conduct my readings with sincerity and compassion, however what spirit, your spirit guides or a past loved one wants to say is conveyed with sensitivity and truth with spiritual counseling.

I teach metaphysical classes thru meditation, divining tools and self development, to enrich and empower. And to ultimately raise your vibration for the good of the universe, by tapping into what is already in your soul.
I am a Kundalini Reike Master and a USUI Healer. I also have helped people transition prior to passing over by spiritually counseling them to leave what was created here on thisearth plain to stay, but for them to be free to go home. I do this healing by working on not only the physical aspects (dis-ease), but spiritual blocks that stop people from letting go. I do house clearings, by identifying the energy that is present, and to unblock it, so it can move on as positive energy.

Blessings, Tina