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Metaphysical Classes
Deposit Required of $105
2 hour class for 6 weeks, 1 day or evening per week, 12 hours @ $35 hr per 2 hour class = $210
4 hour class for 3 weeks, 1 day or evening per week, 12 hours @ $70 hr per 4 hour class = $210

House Clearing

Travel over 20 miles is additional pricing

Classes - Syllabus but not limited to:

Meditation Classes are I, II, III levels, however you may start class at level I, then find that you are a higher level, which the other levels will be integrated to fit you.  We can only identify with energy we receive thru meditation if we understand it and develop it.

Meditation I

Development Acknowledgement of Your Gifts -
Development is used as a base for your connection to spirit to expand & grow. You can’t understand what your receiving or sending for energy unless there is clarification.Acknowledging your gifts, we are all born with our own gifts, and in class we define them, and utilize them to grow.

Intutive Test -
Intuitive tests are given to show you the difference between the senses, identification of what you already use in day to day life and don’t realize it.

Grounding & Protection

Breathing Exercises -
defines how we function within our physical bodies to generate energy and to receive energy.
Tool of Meditation

Meditation II
Breif overview of Meditation I
Development Acknowledgement of Your Gifts
Types of Meditation
Sending and Receiving -
Sending and Receiving energy practices, requires thoughtful use of all your senses to integrate and identify energy.
Viualization and Manifesting

Meditation III
Breif overview of Meditation II  
Development Acknowledgement of Your Gifts  
Remote Viewing  
Visualization and Manifesting Instruction on Visualization and Manifesting positive energy to you, and for you to have a clearer understanding of what you need verses what you want.
Send and Receiving  
Past Life Viewing helps you to understand what was and what the now is. How you can learn to let go, and move forward with flow.

Divining Tools
Diving Tools are discussed with preparation of use, which ones to use, and how to use.
Tarot Cards
Animal Cards

Journalizing is an important part of biofeed back, to affirm you by opening up to spirit. It is a vital part of development like a reflection.

Symbols are discussed of the prevalence thru out our lives that they are showing up and why they have an association to us.

Meditation Breif Overview,

Grounding & Protection
Grounding and Protection is another base of positive affirmation that you are one with spirit. This helps center you to keep out the chaos and chatter. And to only have positive light brought your way thru energy.

Layering & Conditioning

Spreads, a variety of different spreads introduced what fits you best.